Point 11-Inspiration/ How i’m going to make my work look convincing

FILM NOIRSlide1 Slide2Slide1

I will take inspiration from films like

Samuel Fuller’s Pickup on South Street (1953), Road to Perdition (2002) and superhero action films like Batman Begins (2005)

All work will be in black and white, it’ll be clear and organised. Titles will be point numbers, keywords and simple easy to understand short sentences.

The shots will be well rehearsed in the correct location

I will use handheld devices for the most part as I think it gives the shots a better atmosphere.

The lighting I will use, will play a big part in the blog as the them is film noir. I will use a mix of natural light and three point lighting. Also an overhead light to simulate shadows.

Cinematography- Shots, angles and framing/composition. I will judge these for each shot.

Editing-I will use ~Adobe premier 9 will be my friend here.


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