Point 19- Ideal audience member

From looking on the website http://www.uktribes.com it gave me a clear view on how to deal with the task.

This is my perfect audience member. The age of the audience member will be around 60. I have the image in my head of Robert De Nero, a gangster. A cigar smoking, sawn off shotgun wielding, gangster.

Film Noir films are known for action which are commonly known to be watched by males, males are normally gangsters.  The reason for the audience member being around 60 is because most film noir films are made in the 1950s so its almost there past which they would enjoy to watch what happened back then.

The shoes below are the ones my perfect audience member would wear. Brogues I think this because they are a clear image of a smart shoe which fits in with Film Noir.


My ideal audience member would also drink coffee. Coffee keeps you alert and gives you energy which most people that are in Film Noir need. Lots of young adults now a days drink coffee.


The music my audience member would be into is probably Jazz as that was very popular in the 1950s. The over 60s would also enjoy the music as it was around when they were growing up.




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