Evaluation- Question 6

Throughout our production of our film we used various miscellanea to shoot our film, stabilise shooting and enhance sound and lighting We used a tri-pod to stabilise our work  and a hand held digital camera which shot in (HD) to film our work. The high shooting resolution of the camera allowed us to shoot in higher quality. The tripod helped us to stabilise the shooting to give the audience confidence in our filming.

We thought about each place we filmed in and thought about the acoustic environment and lighting of the area.

In post production we assembled the video and sound by using Adobe premier elements pro. Using this we edited the shot film materiel. The production sound (dialogue) is also edited via the same technology. We got our music tracks and songs from sound cloud. We used constant score and sound effects. Any computer-graphic visual effects were digitally added.

Some of the technology and software we also used Prezi, Word, PPT and WordPress.


Evaluation- Question 5

  • How did you attract/address your audience?

We uploaded our video to YouTube and used ‘tags’ to annotate how our video attracts our audience.


Point 38 Final edit

After receiving feedback from our teacher we realised that there was still a lot we needed to change and include.

The first thing we obviously needed to change was to include more sound and make our cuts cleaner.

We decided on a backing score throughout the piece until the end scene.

We also changed the effect and added crossfades to our scene cuts to make them appear smoother.

We made the light out side darker when he is returning in his car to make it clear to the audience that it was a different time of day.

Lastly, we added a fade to black to  stop the possibility that the viewer might stop the clip before watching the end.

Our film Straight Outta New Orleans is named this because we tried to cram all of the information about the family, straight outta; leaving new Orleans, on the run, criminal minds.