Evaluation Question 7

Looking back at our preliminary task, I feel as though we have come a long way.

At the start of our project we couldn’t gain a strong grip of our story concepts. Now we can visualise and imagine how when and where the story would take place. After we could do that, it was a matter of honing our technical expertise.

Even if a director has never written a script in his life, still needs to understand how one is written. This was difficult as we were learning as we went along.

The written word on the script’s page is the start, but ultimately we had to translate those words to images. To do this, we had to be able to tell a story visually.  We discovered many film students start out making silent films. The reason for this is to teach them how to convey the action onscreen without words.

Making a film is virtually impossible to do on your own. You have to manage actors, camera operators, sound technicians and editors at minimum. The larger the film, the more moving parts you must manage. We were very lucky our film only had to be two minutes long.

It’s not common for a creative person to be interested in the technical side of things.

This does not work for a filmmaker, however, as his idea of “James hopped over the wall” may be totally different from the director of photography’s.

I feel as though we have come a long was and learnt many new skills while doing our media project this year.


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