Audience Feedback Task

We posted our video onto various social media outlets, so we could gain audience feedback.

We posted it onto Facebook and YouTube

When we were on Facebook we activated the ‘insight’ part so we could see where people were from who viewed our video and how many people viewed our video in total.

On Facebook we had a total of 837 hits because I made the video public, so not only my friends could see it, but everyone who came onto my Facebook page. Most were from Scotland, but there was a few from Europe and 5 hits specifically were from Texas. So perhaps someone saw it and told someone else, (word of mouth).

We had a few comments on the cut we put on Facebook.

“I like the merging of scenes, what effect did you use?”

“Really cool video, but I didn’t like the music.”

“Awesome filming guys, I would’ve preferred to have some talking”

This was useful because we could see, what people liked and didn’t like. For next time we should upload it early and give us a chance to change the score or add in some talking if needs be.

When we uploaded our video to YouTube, it was a slow start with only 1/5 hits everyday, we added tags such as Film noir and suits, but this only boosted the ratings by one or two, we decided it was because of the title.

For next time we would brainstorm more about what we would call our film before release.

We had zero likes and comments on our YouTube video.



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