Point 35-All props and costumes

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We will collect all props and costumes from the drama department, they are happy to loan us them.

What we will need:

-Boring tie and shirt-Dad day job

-Hoodie, beanie- Drug dealer

-Both sons should wear everyday clothes

-Mum-Cardigan mum clothes


Bag of “drugs”







Point 34 Part 2 of 2-casting shots of actors

These are our actors…

Kerri baird media photo

Kerri Baird-

We chose Kerri Baird because she plays the role of a mother very well.

Ranald baird media photo

Ranald Baird- We chose Ranald Baird because he is a good actor and he goes under the radar very easily. He’s not a suspicious person.


Constantin Von Lingen- We chose Constantin because he has previous acting experience so plays his roles very well.


Jake Burgess- We chose Jake because he plays his role well and knows a lot about drug dealers and sneaking around as he works in a night club.





Point 30-Create an animatic of your storyboard.

  1. A happy family. Normal family scene.
  2. We start getting a suspicious feeling about the father.
  3. The father doing normal stuff.
  4. Father confirms suspicions by taken drugs at work.
  5. Out side work the father is a dealer.
  6. The next person who buys drugs is an undercover police officer.
  7. Father makes a run for it.
  8. The family have no idea the whole time and are waiting for him to come home.

An animated version of our storyboard. To make it clearer what the story is. We used (Storyboard that) To create this animation.