Point 38 Final edit

After receiving feedback from our teacher we realised that there was still a lot we needed to change and include.

The first thing we obviously needed to change was to include more sound and make our cuts cleaner.

We decided on a backing score throughout the piece until the end scene.

We also changed the effect and added crossfades to our scene cuts to make them appear smoother.

We made the light out side darker when he is returning in his car to make it clear to the audience that it was a different time of day.

Lastly, we added a fade to black to  stop the possibility that the viewer might stop the clip before watching the end.

Our film Straight Outta New Orleans is named this because we tried to cram all of the information about the family, straight outta; leaving new Orleans, on the run, criminal minds.


Point 37- First edit

After shooting scenes for our film, we then started to edit.

Editing took a long time because the software we were using on the schools system was very slow and we often ran into errors. The program we used was: Adobe Premier Pro CC

This is our rough edit: (SON)-(Straight outta new Orleans)

Point 36-LAN productions Editing and shooting our film


In these images it shows our production company editing our final piece and a picture of us shooting our film.

When we started the filming process, we had a few days because of the availability of our actors, our actors all being in the same boarding house made it easier , but they were mostly not around at the same time.

The Scottish winter limited our filming time, because we have lessons until 1530 and then it gets dark between 1600 and 1700 it gives us little time in the light.


Point 35-All props and costumes

Image result for tie

We will collect all props and costumes from the drama department, they are happy to loan us them.

What we will need:

-Boring tie and shirt-Dad day job

-Hoodie, beanie- Drug dealer

-Both sons should wear everyday clothes

-Mum-Cardigan mum clothes


Bag of “drugs”