Point 37/38-Second edit


Point 37- First edit

After shooting scenes for our film, we then started to edit.

Editing took a long time because the software we were using on the schools system was very slow and we often ran into errors. The program we used was: Adobe Premier Pro CC

This is our rough edit: (SON)-(Straight outta new Orleans)

Point 30-Create an animatic of your storyboard.

  1. A happy family. Normal family scene.
  2. We start getting a suspicious feeling about the father.
  3. The father doing normal stuff.
  4. Father confirms suspicions by taken drugs at work.
  5. Out side work the father is a dealer.
  6. The next person who buys drugs is an undercover police officer.
  7. Father makes a run for it.
  8. The family have no idea the whole time and are waiting for him to come home.

An animated version of our storyboard. To make it clearer what the story is. We used (Storyboard that) To create this animation.


Point 24-Pitch for film


  • Film-noir
  • Action Thriller
  • Audience


  • 45-60 year olds


  • Subtle opening
  • Building up to climax
  • false hero
  • Opening


  • Who-Gangsters/family/police
  • What-Drugs, smuggling
  • When-1950s
  • Where-New Orleans


  • Family
  • The Dad will have an uncontrollable  hard drug problem (addiction)
  • He will deal drugs and take them
  • Scammed by undercover police officer, set up
  • The father will have to leave the city to get away from the police. He’s stuck in a dilemma weather he should tell his family and take them with him, or leave one night never to return.
  • Actors

    MUM-Mrs Baird

    DAD-Mr Baird

    SONS-Constantin, Linus


    Drug dealer-Jake Burgess